Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This and That

Sue and I have nearly finished painting the entire topsides of Enee Marie. Big job but what a difference. The old girl (Enee not Sue) was just looking tired (well, Sue did get tired though). You couldn't really clean the decks any more because they were so dull and pasty. Now all the white is shiny white. Painted it with Petit EasyPoxy. Seems to be a good hard enamel. Painted the cream colored non-skid patches with Epiphanes Non-slipverf (it's a Dutch company). The non-skid paint has sand mixed in it. This is good as the old non skid patches have worn pretty smooth over the years.

I bought the angle iron I need to install my new manual windlass so I hope to really get on that job later today. I'm anxious to try it out, weigh anchor and go sailing!

Our friends are coming down to visit at the end of the month. They're going to be staying at Jenny's Place, a very neat little hotel at the end of Grand Anse beach. Jenny herself runs the place and was Miss World back in 1970-something.

Can't have a post without a picture. Here's an exciting shot of our new high-tech tumblers and Sue's yummy bruchetta. . . or is that artichoke pizza? Well, both are really good!

Finally, here's an interesting article from Scientific American about how the Coast Guard goes about searching for someone at sea. They actually don't just start flying around but use some pretty high-tech software to tell them the most likely areas to start in.


Brian said...

How bout some details on the painting. Did you spray it on or what? That would interest me a lot more than other things. Pictures?

Anonymous said...

How about the details of about your friends coming down? Are they nice? Do they make odd noises at night? Do you love them that same way the Academy did for Sally Fields? Is one a saint married to a guy who is far from it? And how about their kid - who loves IU and will be attending in the fall. Everyone wants to know that kind of stuff, Mine Capetain!

PS Mismo - freedom is just another word for 2 more weeks from me.

Chairman Meow

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