Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What’s Happening In Prickly Bay?

A few days ago the Grenada coast guard (motto: Welcome and Get Out!) came out and passed out fliers to all the boats on the west side of the bay. Here’s the note verbatim. . .

  • All yacht owners who utilize the prickly bay marina is hereby reminded that the area west of the channel providing access to the coast guard base is prohibited for anchorage. No vessel shall anchor in this area. The coast guard will be increasing its patrols to enforce the laws against those who may be in violation of this order.

First of all there is no channel. Not shown on any chart and there are no buoys. This has been going on since we arrived. Every once in awhile they’ll come out and tell various boats to move out of the channel. When you ask where the channel is they point back to shore about a half mile where there are 2 green buoys and 1 red. As far as I know a channel ends after the last seaward buoy.

One of the cruisers then contacted the coast guard about this flier and was told that it really only applied to new boats arriving and boats that were there could stay! So, if you got the flier telling you to leave you can stay but if you arrive with no flier telling you to leave you have to get out. Sounds like the military! Of course by this time about a dozen boats including Enee had already weighed anchor and moved over making the rest of the bay pretty cozy!

It's been a few days since this incident and, of course, new boats have arrived and anchored where there is room. IN THE CHANNEL!

Final comment is that if the coast guard as a beef with anyone it should be with their composition teachers!

In other news: How Many Cats Fit in a Kleenex Box?

Answer: MISMO!
I don't know what's with this cat. She thinks (right) that she's still a kitten I guess or hasn't noticed how big her ass is. Now this is her favorite toy. We walk through the cabin and she dives through the box and attacks our feet. One time she got her front legs through and stood up and was wearing the box like a tube top! Free entertainment that's for sure.

Barnacle hand follow up follow up to follow. . .

The antibiotics were not taking hold and when I got up Thursday my hand was bigger than ever with the skin stretched like a drum head. Back to the doc. This hand was sensitive to light it was so sore. What did he do? Stuck a needle in it (to 'numb' it). Then he cut it open and got lots of stuff out. Sorry no pics. He did this to two cuts on my had and to a collection of pus on my cheek. I went back today to have the dressing changed and he went after my face again. Christ that hurt! (I didn't even get a sucker either.) Hopefully now all the bad joo joo is gone and the antibiotics can win the day. Bottom line is don't even mess with a baranacle cut. Clean it, clean it, clean it and put anibiotic ointment on right away.

And Finally. . . Ready?

Dum dum dum. . .



Sally said...

Yikes, hope you are better soon! And congrats on the grandpa part. I became a grandma last October and it is really fun!

Anonymous said...

I think your humours are out of balance. Do they still do bleeding down there? Maybe rub some holy dirt in the wounds? I seem to recall something from Tom Sawyer about a cat and midnight. Don't do that one.

Wilger said...

Weel the harbor sounds like the movie Catch 22, congrats on being a grand dad and hope the hand heals quickly and the puffy cheeks as well, what a picture.

Anonymous said...


Scott I hope your hand & cheek heal quickly.

kind regards,

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