Saturday, March 19, 2011


For a bit. Just got into Grenada. Long layover in San Juan but saw some basketball (too bad Huggins and Calipari couldn't both lose!). All flights on time with no excitement. . . except the waitress in the San Juan airport finding me 20 minutes after I left. I had left my debit card! That would have made the trip extra exciting!

I'm staying at Cool Running. Apparently this place has always been here but we would have never noticed. VERY handy for what I want to do. I can see the boats in the yard from the balcony here. I've seen Enee Marie from afar but will get on board tomorrow and begin to make lists.

And then take a break!

Holy crap. . .the Caribbean air is wonderful. 80 degrees. Sure a little humid but feels great after a long winter in the Windy City.

Ran into some old friends at De Big Fish and got some updates on other people we both knew.

Look for pictures tomorrow. I tried tonight but I think I'm taking HUGE pictures with my new camera and I want to sort that out.


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