Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Progress

Lots of rain here which slows me down just a little but plenty to do below. Here's today's accomplishments/questions/plans

1. The yard guy ripped out the old anchor windlass. He had a grinder to saw off the bolts in the anchor locker (clearly a Sue job!). Then with crow bar (crows? . . .really?) and muscle he got it out of there. Hammer and chisel and the wood pad is gone too. Now they will fill the holes (I am no longer allowed near epoxy) and cut new hole for chain access. This looked like real work so I busied myself with playing with prime numbers. You never know when that will be important.

2. I went on a quest for new batteries and got a price at Budget Marine and Island Water World. I was thinking of pulling the trigger today but then in the bus on my way to Island Water World I thought, why do I want to buy new batteries, charge them up and then abandon them for 2 months. I've decided to wait on batteries until our return.

3. But then. . . on the bus back another epiphany (which actually is the 3rd Sunday after the last quarter of the 3rd full moon of a month with no R). . .anyway, it occurred to me that I may have left the battery selector switch to OFF. If the charger delivers its juice via the selector switch then my conclusion to the deadness of the batteries is wrong since no electrons (or other fundamental particles probably ) were directed their way! I changed this when I got back to the boat and we'll see where we stand tomorrow.

4. I cannot remove the plate that gives access to the impeller so I'm going to walk to Enza Marine tomorrow and talk to them about getting a whole new pump. Then I can put the other one on the bench and work on those screws AND have a back up pump. I may ask them about doing a general engine maintenance update as well. They are good people and do good work.

5. So, no engine work really for me so I turned to the auto pilot stuff. I mounted the brain box in the galley. This puts it in easy reach to the helm and for leading wires from the flux gate compass and if you can work 'flux gate compass' into a sentence you really got something going there. Mounted said compass under the starboard settee and fished wires through the below decks nastiness and up to the brain box. Also fished wire from brain box to the distribution panel for power. Unclear at this point what size breaker I need for this so I just let the wires hang. ,

Once again the boat EXPLODES due to any projects but I kind of love it because I know how cool it is when it all comes back together.

The tool bench.

My nav station

Where we live. . .who wants to visit?

Do not be frightened children. . . I come in peace.

Hey. . .that looks like a day's work so off to De Big Fish. Had a beer with Jack the solo sailor. We shared a bowl of fries and talked sailing routes.

More crawling around on hands and knees (wait, this is not with Jack, ok?) today but that's all good stuff. Looking forward to tomorrow. . . who isn't?!

It's raining again. Lots of rain here and this is unusual as it's the 'dry' season . . . mon!

Thanks for reading and commenting!


Sailor Sue said...

Oh mon! I want to be on Enee too!!
She looks great below even with the mess. You're doing good work. You'll have finished all the projects and have a week to spare. What could you possibly do in Grenada for a week?
And hey - nice head lights.
Love ya!

LeahC said...

hey looks good!

I can't wait for Lucy to go sailing!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are working hard and earning those beers. Love, Sis