Monday, March 21, 2011

A Productive Day

Just so you know, a productive day in boat language means you spent a few thousand dollars. Good thing we love our boat!

Yes, this was the day that work began in earnest.

1. Got power and water to the boat. Looks like the batteries are taking a charge but I'm going to let them cook for 24 hours and see if they can turn the engine tomorrow.

2. I cut a deal with the yard to remove the old windlass and make a 6" by 8" hole in the anchor locker so that I can get at the chain when we are weighing anchor. They'll make a lid too and then I'll probably fashion some sort of dam around it to keep water out of the chain locker below.

3. Talked with the sail maker. We're good to go just about on the new genoa. Tomorrow they're going to haul over the existing genoa to compare to what is being planned. I don't want to end up buying the same sail.

4. Receive 2 of three parts for the auto pilot although at first when I opened one of the boxes there was a very nice VHF radio inside. Guess I should have checked while in the store! Easy swap and now I have the control head and another piece. I'll look at instructions tomorow and see if this is do-able or if I'm going to farm the whole thing out.

5. Got our cell phone back. We loaned it to friends (Thanks Merenge!) who then left and left it for us at the boat yard. Still works!

6. I cleaned out the anchor locker so we could plan that job with the yard. Also cleaned out the starboard deck locker. . .YUCK! These things have a drain that is in the forward corner of the locker but the boat is blocked a little aft. Lots of water got in and stayed. What a mess. this is where we keep bottles of oil, gas additives, cleaning supplies, etc. Some of said bottles had lost their integrity (like me but long ago). But, like lots of boat things it looks way worse than it is. Some detergent and sponges and all good again. I'm not storing anything in there any more. Well, maybe Mismo when she's bad (always!).

7. Made an initial clean of the engine room. Looked like at some point the rain water came up to the oil pan and distributed oil to various points. Again, looked worse than it was. It's clean enough now for me to work in and see if the old girl will start (tomorrow).

8. Walked to the ACE and bought about $200 worth of new hand tools. I'll keep these shiny. . .really!

So a good day of good honest labor. It's funny but I was very happy to have my head stuck in some uncomfortable places again and working like a rented mule!

And yes, the pretty teak that we worked so hard on is back to this. Oh well. . .

So here's the end of the day at De Big Fish. A cold one, the sea, and my journal. I'm good.

Tomorrow I've designated as engine day. I'm going to take apart as much of the diesel as I can to inspect and clean and then see if I can start her up. Same with the outboard. Stay tuned.

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deborah said...

Captain Snappy....Glad i found you back on the web. I read and got caught up. Sounds like you have some busy work ahead of you and then off for another adventure. When is Sue joining you? We start getting our boat ready in another three weeks. Weather is starting to warm up in Chicago. I'll keep in touch and watch the progess. Deborah