Thursday, March 31, 2011

Done -

and good morning to you, Mr. Lizard!

Did a few more little things today. Put up the anchor shade. Wow! Did it ever shrink! That edge used to go to the mast! What the hell? How does that happen? Cleaned up a little. Put tools in zip lock with corrosion block sprayed inside! So there!

Reserved the paint that the yard will need to paint the bottom before we arrive.

This is the space where the linear drive will go to steer the boat. That old nasty air conditioner took about 30 seconds to rip out. I still have some copper piping to rip out. I probably could have paid for all the upgrades on copper I've ripped out of this boat! Sue and I agree. . . trying to keep a box at, say, 50 degrees when all around you is 85 degrees. . .well, expect problems! We're not going to try.

I met with Lesley one more time. She'll open up the boat once a week to keep the mold down. She's also chasing down the lady that is going go to make new seat cushions for us. I'm very excited to not be peeling myself off the vinyl any longer. The sample she sent over looks very nice. Lesley will send pics and estimate before proceeding.

Bought a 45 lb CQR anchor off a catamaran sailor. . .only $200!! Now we have two CQRs (this one looks to be a little bigger than our other one) and another smaller anchor. One more ought to do it for staying up north in Hurricane season. That and plenty of heavy line. I'll buy 50' of chain and maybe 200 feet of rope for this anchor when we return.

Sue and I return on June 6 and I've scheduled our launch for June 9. That gives us two full days to mess about on the hard before we splash. I've made arrangements for us to stay here at Cool Running as that also was a great find.

All in all a productive (if expensive!) couple of weeks. I'm so glad that things look like they will work as before. . .being a sailboat the systems are pretty simple and it's important to keep it that way. Fancy auto pilot is a big deal for us but completely necessary for long passages and especially for any solo sailing I do when Sue is in Chicago. Can't wait to feel the boat move under my feet again.

So any potential or current cruisers out there who have not been to Grenada it is an excellent place to outfit your boat. Lots of help and expertise here.

Looking forward to getting back to Chicago as well. Dying to see my family and for that good old Chicago pizza. Tomorrow night!


Kit Walker said...

After years of dragging CQRs all over the place, I got my boat a 45lb delta, which held my Cal 36 in 60 knots in Annapolis, & 77 knots in Marsh Harbor on too short scope in a densely packed anchorage. Dragged it 50 feet in Charleston and 70' in Titusville; both times it reset itself, holding us in short, steep chop for the duration of 35 knots sustained with higher gusts. Easy to set and easy to retrieve, using single handed girl power and a manual windlass. Only once in my entire cruise did I drag it to where I had to pull it up and re-anchor. Wish all boat bits, including crew, were as reliable as that anchor!

Welcome back to winter! Looking forward to following your hurricane-outrunning trip this summer.

Scott said...

Hey Kit!

I have similar stories except they are about the reliability of the CQR! Cheers,


Dan said...

Heading to Grenada next month, can't wait. Nice deal on the CQR by the way, congrats!

Webmaster @ Inflatable Boaters

Cruising with Highstates said...

Hi Captain Scott and Sailor Sue; Looks like you are getting everything in order for some smooth sailing. Where are you heading? Maybe for the Out Islands? They sure should not be missed. We are still in Bocas del Toro deciding should we go back to San Blas for a month or two or straight up to Providencia.Great deal on the anchor.The metal alone is probably worth 200 dollars. Maybe Mr.Lizard ate your awning..Fair winds, Lynn and Randy S/V High States

A. Razon said...

Looking forward to hearing about your travels! As for that shrinking anchor shade... that got me interested and I sadly couldn't find any explanations in the Internet as to how that can happen. So I'm going to end this by saying that I'm happy to be your new reader and that I'd love to hear more theories about THAT shrinking anchor shade ;)

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