Friday, June 03, 2011

Wrapping up Chicago

What a great 1.75 years it has been. During this extended stay in Chicago we have helped to raise little Lucy our grand daughter which is absolutely the best job ever! She is action packed and learning stuff at a very scary pace and, yes, being forced into the dark side of baseball - The Cubs.

Sue has been teaching full time at Columbia College and that will actually continue in the fall

I also taught a class or two at Columbia and most recently taught full time high school again (gasp) at North Shore Country Day School. All together we enjoyed both teaching and playing with Lucy AND got to feed the sailing kitty.

Just talked to Spice Island Marine in Grenada and Enee is getting her bottom painted as we speak and our launch is scheduled for the 9th. Hey. . .That's next week!

We hope to sail north to Puerto Rico/St. Johns waters this summer. Sue will head back to Chicago to continue teaching while I stay with the boat, make frequent trips back to Chicago, and dodge hurricanes.

So, stay tuned for regular updates as we figure out how to sail again. . .GRAB THE THING!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're back!

Rich P