Monday, June 20, 2011

Breaking Faster than we can Work?

We've completed the mechanical installation of the auto pilot. You know, we really just cut some 2x4's and bolted them together but upside down by the rudder post using a mirror in one hand and a cordless drill in the other, well, it just takes a little longer.

Today we had to take the compute in for repair. Still, it's not right and it probably needs a new battery and that's a quest for tomorrow.

We tested the fuel tank for leaks after our excellent re-bedding and patching. . .there were several.


So, today I took out all 12 screws and re-bedded the rubber gasket with some gasket goo. We'll see tomorrow if this makes a difference.

We bought new sheets for our new foresail (no, Andrea, these kind of sheets don't go on a bed). Tomorrow morning when the wind is down we'll hoist our new jib and see if we like the cut of it!

I keep talking to more and more sailors that have had things stolen off of their yachts at Spice Island Marine. Means nothing to Spice Island Marine because they put a line in their contract that says, "We're not responsible". I'd say! Truth in advertising there. I wonder if some sharp lawyer could make a case that a joint with a fence and security guard at the entrance is somehow giving a false sense of security for those who don't read the fine print. Suffice it to say that there are a number of us who will not be back when it's time to haul out. Any cruisers out there, read your Doyle book. There are a LOT of yards in the Caribbean.

On the upside: This is our view from on deck.

On the downside. . .this has been my view lately!



Larry D said...

CAPT. Snappy:
Sorry to hear the fuel tank didn't seal. Perhaps gasket cement from the auto parts store? Great view from your anchorage!

Leah said...

Pretty view of the anchorage!!!!! I want to be there.