Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Dark Day in Grenada

Just was on board Enee Marie and noticed something looked different at the helm. Oh yeah, The GPS and the radar unit are both gone. Wires cut. Units gone. This is bad. Those are very expensive units and we've sunk our money into a new sail, bottom paint, new batteries, and $5000 for auto pilot yet to be installed. Of course the yard can do nothing and it clearly states that in the agreement. I've had the boat in the yard for 16 months at $450 a month plus have hired them to do various work on the boat. I know they can't be responsible or THEY'D go broke but it sure pisses me off. I can sail without radar but not GPS. Maybe just buy a hand held and go with that.

Anybody want to buy a boat?




Leah said...

I'm so so so sorry :(

Kit Walker said...

Wow, that really sucks.

But don't give up the ship!

Every boat I've voyaged aboard had only handheld GPS (except for one where we found Hawaii by sextant!). Never had radar, and I'm pretty sure that I'm still alive.

Happy Voyaging!

Marker Dave said...

Columbus found America without radar or GPS. Of course, he thought he was in India.