Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday in the Islands

Truly Sunday is a day off in the islands. Nobody works. Stores are closed. Bars and restuarants are closed. Kind of nice. We're waiting to solve our fuel tank problems but nothing can happen with that until Tuesday as Monday is a holiday making it just like Sunday. So . . .

What did we do today? I worked on the installation of the auto pilot. I have questions for Raymarine and Edson before I can proceed. Wiring could be done but I have to buy wire. But I have an idea of how it might be installed. I cleaned up my workbench and worked on making the drawers not slide out when on a starboard tack. No perfect solution yet. We have a tiny oozing at the fitting for the depth sounder. Sue has tried packing that goo around it that comes in a tube and then you slice off a hunk and mix the outer layer with the inner layer. Like trying to seal your basement from the inside (I've tried this as well) it didn't work so hot. But, I thought I read that this same stuff would work under the water line. So I dove on the boat and packed that goo around the fitting underwater. Seemed to work at first but then oozed a little later. I'm not worried about this because. . .

I'm an idiot!

No really, the fitting is secure but apparently the packing has become a little brittle. I'm sure we won't sink.


I found the door to the under the sink locker and the slats that had been made for it. I got those in to fix the hole there and sanded the whole thing down. Now it's ready for some varnish to match the rest of the boat which, by the way, is looking pretty spiffy with new cushions. Pictures later.

Sue was busy cleaning our very dirty hatches and soaking our equally dirty lines in a soapy bucket. Clothes were put away and little by little we're figuring out how to live aboard again. We both think it's important to not feel stuck just because we have a BIG UGLY job ahead of us that is the fuel tank but still try to make Enee pretty and more comfortable for living.

We also took time or naps and a couple of swims.

Oh, and the weather has be splendid with a nice breeze 24 hours a day. So the boat needs more money poured into it but life could be a lot worse.

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