Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Thanks for kind thoughts from commenters. We've spent a productive half day on the boat. We've hopefully found the LAST leak in the dinghy but time will tell. Bottom job is done and looks good. Replaced the zinc and scraped and sanded the propeller. I plugged the old feed hole in the forward water tank. We filled the aft tank. We'll fill the forward tank before leaving the boat today. Bought a hand held GPS from a fellow cruiser today. I only use lat long from any gps anyway so we're good for now. I may still try to replace the nice little Furuno unit we had at the helm though as it is handy and doesn't use batteries. The one I bought today can be back-up then.

I'll not replace the radar unit. I never really used it. Thought it was too bright at the helm at night anyway. With charts and gps you KNOW where you are. Other ships should be well lit at night and if they are running dark you have other problems!

Our new cushions will arrive tomorrow and should be a big improvement from the green vinyl. Right, vinyl was not so good in the tropics. Checked in with the french sail maker and shockingly the fore sail that we ordered at the end of March is not quite done. Waiting for UV cover and that should happen before the end of next week. Seems stupid but I don't really care. I'll have enough to keep me busy until then anyway.

Our three new Trojan batteries will be delivered to the boat later today. I need to make up pig tails to connect them together and get another battery strap to tie the thrid one down.

That's about it for now. We're back at the apartment for a cool down and lunch and will return to Enee soon.


Leah said...

glad you got a handheld from a fellow cruiser!

Can't wait to see enee floating again!

Cindy said...

Way to motor (or should I say "sail) on and not let the GPS thief steal your plans!