Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well, just another day in paradise! If paradise had horizontal rain and 40 knot winds! But, our mooring held and only one boat drug in Prickly bay and no big deal. A good day for indoor projects, napping, and reading.

But yesterday it was sunny and Sailor Sue re-bedded that leaky deck prism. Deck prisms are really old school. Old sailing ships used them to bring some light down below in the days before electricity. As stingy as I am about electricity. . .I LOVE deck prisms!

Hey! Who's that? That's capt. me with new sail rolled up on the forestay. Can't wait to try it out. It's got shiny new jib sheets in case you didn't notice! Enee is looking more and more like a sailboat ready to go cruising.

And . .NO, I DO NOT look like my father!

But here's a nice shot of our new cushions and they're not Vinyl! AND their good for napping - the entire crew agrees.

OK, It takes about 15 minutes per picture so I'm quitting now.

Everything on the island is closed tomorrow for some crazy-ass holiday so looks like we'll stay aboard and do some of the many little projects that await. BUT we could be sailing by the end of the weekend.


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Erik said...

not like your father, like my grandpa!