Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Oh boy. . .Sue and I spent the morning and some afternoon with our heads stuck into the engine room with and open diesel tank, other solvents and a rolling boat.

Pass the bucket!

Sue had gone to the Ace and got a rag mop and she used that to absorb the last of the bad fuel. Less than a gallon so we've done well to get old liquids out. There are still some deposits and chunky type stuff in there but no good way to get to it. The bottom of the tank is about 4 feet down.

I then laid down a layer of Marine Tex to level the area around the inspection plate and around where the fuel gauge goes. I plan to sand this tomorrow to make nice and level. I found through some internet research that the ONLY thing to use to make a seal on a diesel tank is Buna-N rubber. So, that's where our quest begins tomorrow. I have neoprene and used that before and it has turned into a rotten sponge. That's not a gasket! 3M 5200 is NOT compatible with diesel so it's the Buna-N or nothing I guess. We're both very anxious to get that tank capped to start to exhaust the diesel smell from the boat.

So if we find a source for the rubber, Sue will head out to buy that and I'll drill and tap new holes for the plate and fuel gauge. (Sue prefers to be away from the boat when Scott is drilling and tapping new holes. Sue is then less likely to be blamed for a mistake.)

And yes. . .we ARE in the Caribbean so as lousy as all this work is, it still ends with a swim and a cocktail and enjoying the gentle rocking of Enee Marie. Hope to finish the diesel tank tomorrow and then. . . ON TO THE AUTO PILOT!

Finally a sad picture! See our GPS? See our Radar? No? See the cut wires? 'Nuff said!



Pat Voitik said...

Glad to hear you are back sailing the seven seas. Pat Voitik

Anonymous said...

How much $$ to replace both GPS and radar?

Rich P