Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fuel Tank

After making measurements of other places to put a fuel tank I find that there is no place to get more than maybe 50 gallons. We bought this boat based on the 75 gallons of fuel for the range that would give us. So my current plan is to get the existing tank cleaned out. The yard can do that for me on Tuesday probably. Then I'm going to remove all the connections on the top, clean the whole top, seal up any tiny holes and then re-bed all of the connections and re-bed the inspection plate. Hey! I might even put in a working fuel gauge! 20th century here I come! Right there the tank would be WAY better than it is now. With 75 gallons of fresh fuel in then (ka ching!) we wold have to be ahead of where we were. I think that's the best I can do at this point. Any comments as to details I'm overlooking with this plan are more than welcome as long as you agree with me!

So, not much can happen in the very near future. Monday is some sort of holiday here so we'll use the intervening time to continue to put things away and clean this old tub, and buy some groceries.

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