Saturday, February 10, 2007

And....They're Off!

Hello all from Chicago.....this is Scott's Daughter, writing to update you on the sailor's progress. This morning they took off from Marathon to head north along the keys. They will be crossing over to the Bahamas within the week. They are somewhere on the map on the left between Marathon and 'The Bahamas'. The green arrow is at Nassau....I think......which is where we are flying to in 4 weeks.

Stay tuned for updates and plan on hearing from Scott and Sue when they are in the Bahamas!


Deborah said...

Hurray!!!Can't wait to hear all about the adventure. Sail on.

brian said...

Looks good. I hope this isn't like when the astronauts supposedly landed on the moon and were actually on a movie set in California. Naturally we will want proof

Gracie Liberation Front said...


Captain Snappy is safely tucked away in South Bend. This has all been a big joke. Scott and Sue actually get rather sea sick.

Goggle Enee Marie and you'll find out that she's owned by a retired ex-Cub, Adolpho Phillips. Scott loved Adolpho -especially when he'd make the sign of the cross and then adjust his cup before swinging at the first pitch.

I guess the truth is now out.

Speaking of "out" - Sue is the secret lover of Mary Cheney. Gee, I never thought she'd go so Republican - but, hey - that's what South Bend will do to ya.


Chairman Meow

Anonymous said...

Scott and Sue have left the country . . . . finally!!!!