Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bear Down

As will happen this time of year, you strike up a conversation with someone and at some point they might say, "So, where are you going to watch the Superbowl"*? Well, we tell them we're flying to Chicago to watch the game and we just get a faraway stare from a Floridian. It's as if they are waiting for the punch line or like I just spoke that sentence (not this one...the one in question) in German. I guess it is a little nuts. People down here, though, are really sensitive to cold. They can't imagine being subjected to a little cold for even a few seconds let alone a weekend. Lately they've been giving the local weather and when the evening temps are to be in the low 60's or (heavens!) upper 50's they start talking about wool socks and muc lucs (whatever those are!).

But what the hell. Part of being retired is being FREE. I'm not just sailing around, I've cut the ties to secondary education and I'm FREE! Not rich but I got a hundred bucks for an airplane ticket!

And from all reports it looks like Chicago is going completely nuts for this team. Why not? Work is hard. Traffic sucks. You wish you'd picked a different carreer. Who's that woman you married? Whatever. Now, for a couple of weeks, none of that matters . YOUR team is going to the superbowl. A very nice diversion. Maybe we're shallow to get all excited about a professional sports team. Maybe this is why we are hated by so many countries (contries that will be tuning in the Superbowl.). For sure, education, terror alerts, stock prices, and Hillary are more important. So what? So for a brief time in Chicago you forgive your boss, you ease up on the workers, you put old grievences on the back burner. You dig out that old Bear's jersey from the 85 season...good old number 34!

Maybe the Bears will win and maybe not. Either way, Chicago is a GREAT place to live.

CLICK HERE to see what it's like in Soldier Field

*I'm using the word Superbowl with NO permission!


Jason said...

I don't think the other countries have any room to judge. I've seem how they react to their own version of "football".

LeahC said...

you get the idea.

Can't wait to see you. Go BearS!

Greg and Jamie said...

I remember the excitement last year when it was our Seahawks in the game ~ wishing you much excitement (and I'll be rooting for the Bears as well!) this year.

Got a link up to your site from ours ~ looking forward to sharing your adventures! Jamie

floridaglades said...

There were 3 busloads of Bear fans who came down to Hollywood, FL to watch the game on TV at Capone's Flickerlight Lounge (and Pizza). I guess that's still not as crazy as flying to Chicago. At least they got some warm weather...I mean cool, rainy weather. Oh well, I'm sure it was a fund trip.

floridaglades said...