Saturday, February 03, 2007

marathon to Chicago...easy

We began our trek to chilly Chicago by taking the Greyhound from the Marathon airport (yes there is one) to the Miami airport. We called Greyhound before leaving to see if we needed cash and the person said no, plastic was fine. Off we go. Our friend Joe dropped us at the 'airport'. The airport is barely there. No cars. No planes. Nobody working the gates. Just two guys working the rent-a-car desks. I asked if there was in fact a Greyhound and they said yes and that you just pay the driver. Hmmmm...I wonder how the plastic part works? The bus finally came about 10 minutes late. I told the driver where we were going and pulled out my credit card. He just looked at me like I was some sort of boob. I explained that we called and asked. Well, no...he has no way to process a credit card. Of course. So the fare is $62. I count out my money...I have kidding


Whee....a whole dollar left over for Miami.

The bus made a 20 minute stop at a Burger King so that took care of dinner. We arrived at the airport arount 10PM. This was the best we could do for a flight leaving at 8:20...THE NEXT MORNING. We had some hope that maybe there was a late flight that we could switch too. There was...sort of. It had left at 9:30. Oh well. We had more or less planned to spend the night in the airport and that's what we did. That's what a lot of people did. I guess this is somewthat typical in airports but I had not had the pleasure before of seeing bodies strewn all over the place in all sorts of contorted positions.

Sue took the opportunity to do our taxes as there was a fine (but not free) wifi signal in the airport. I listened to iPod, failed to do some Sudukos, walked around and started drinking large quantities of coffee.

The airport started coming back to life around 3:30 and by 4:00 we could check in AND get moved to the earlier flight than our 8:20. Now we're waiting to board and I'm squeezing every cent out of this wifi that I can!

Can't wait to cheer the Bears on to VICTORY!

(Better not have lost our luggage...the long underwear is in there!)

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