Wednesday, February 14, 2007

They're Crossing...RIGHT NOW

Hello agin Scott and Sue followers.

The weather was nice.
The wind was in the right direction.
There wasn't lightning coming down inches from their boat (exagerration...maybe as the weather has been really bad down there....although really after the storm that Chicago saw yesterday they can't really complain)

and so today is the day the sailors are heading across the Atlantic Ocean on their way to the Bahamas. The plan is as follows:
  • Leaving Channel 5 today at noon
  • Arriving South Riding Rocks around 8am tomorrow morning.
  • From there they will continue across to Russell Beacon, where they will anchor Friday evening.
  • On Friday they will continue onto either Frasier's Hog or Morgans Bluff (what are these names....Frasier's Hog...really?).
  • From here they will head to Nassau where they will first and foremost find a phone to let me know they are safe and sound.
Stay tuned for an update on Saturday from either me or the Sailors!

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