Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back to Work!

Well finally. After two degrees in physics, 25+ years teaching, numerous papers, awards, and grants I’ve been rehired. . . To do wood working!

Spice Island Marine in Grenada is a full service boat yard but they’d like that full service to include more quality woodworking. That’s where I come in. The first job and one that will last quite a while I think, is the re-outfitting of a 74 foot million dollar sloop. She’s got some water damage in the woodwork below (because she was briefly sunk during hurricane Ivan!). These pieces have to be cut out, rebuilt and re-veneered and put back. Other wood things have to be rebuilt using the old as patterns. They have a fairly complete shop with table saw, drill press, sander, band saw. I look forward to this challenge and to making Grenada our home for maybe up to a year. While earning and living here we will begin the process of rebuilding the foredeck on Enee for new windlass and also the installation of industrial strength self steering gear. Should be a busy and interesting year or so, so stay tuned!

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