Monday, September 15, 2008

Good bye Hog Island

Yesterday we went to a BBQ on Hog Island which is just across Clarke's Court Bay from where we are anchored. There is nothing on this little island except Rogers Bar which as you can see from the pics would not withstand a 10 knot wind let alone a hurricane. There was a reggae band playing and a nice mix of locals and cruisers. This is just the sort of little deal that one might imagine when one dreams about life in the islands.

Now for the bad news. Hog Island has been purchased by Four Seasons Residences. I'm sure if we come back in a year (or are still here in a year) things will look far different and Rogers will be long gone. Too bad. I see more and more of the wild places going away. More and more we find islands that are 'private'. That's right the entire island. So anyone thinking about buying an island maybe you better get with it!


Topsailsman said...

Love your blog, been following for a year. Just noticed that you are becoming a "you should have seen it five years ago" guy that always made you mad. "You should have seen Hog Island before the resort was built". Now a veteran cruiser, you see how much is lost every year and it will hurt, and you will want to tell others how beautiful "it used to be". Don't it always seem to go that we don't know what we've got 'til its gone.

Scott said...

Thanks for the warning because I do NOT want to become one of those guys. I do think the people will always need wild places in all shapes and sizes and I hate to see any of them go. But, as long as I never go back to anywhere I've been I'll not be able to ever become one of 'those guys'.

chrisjmelo said...

Hi Scott,

Just found your blog and am enjoying it much. I was in Hog Island sound in 1998 when the island was sold and we were told the same thing. Big resort soon come....Someone even started making the navaids go away to get the cruisers out. Good news both ways is that the constant over 10 years is Roger and his shack. Let's hoe he outlasts this latest grand scheme too. As a local told a fat cat foreign land owner in a rent dispute when I was there "island be here long after you gone."

Your thoughts on energy ring home. Mine are posted at Hope you don't mind if I link to your blog there as well.

Warm winds.