Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cubs Dynasty Begins

There it is! The Cubs WIN flag flying proudly over the deck of Enee Marie. Why? Because yesterday the Cubs clinched the Central Division of the NL for the second year in a row. For those of you not from Chicago, they fly a W flag like this one above the scoreboard when the Cubs win. I used to get off the EL at Addison Street on my way home from work (I drove the submarine at the Museum of Science and Industry) and anxiously peek around the corner of Addison and Sheffield to see if the W was flying (back then, rarely!). Now it’s on to the playoffs and our first World Series since 1945 and our first World Series WIN since, get ready. . .


Here's a short list of some stuff that hadn't happened yet when the Cubs last won the World Series...

  • The Titanic hadn’t sunk (or sailed yet)
  • No world wars yet
  • IN 1908 Henry Ford started (literally) cranking out cars
  • Income tax wasn’t invented yet
  • Women couldn’t vote yet (who changed THAT?)
  • Nucleus of the atom not discovered for another year
  • No TV
  • No Wrigley Field. . . the WS was played at West Side Park bounded by Congress, Harrison, Loomis, and Throop streets in Chicago.Yes, this is the 100th anniversary for our last championship and this is the longest record in any professional sport. No matter. This is the year. Bet the farm!


Anonymous said...

Drove the submarine? I thought that was Ruth's job. K

Anonymous said...

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