Friday, September 19, 2008

Snorking, Repairing and Book Selling

On our last day in Clarkes' Court Bay we went for a little snorkling. We went all along the eastern shore of the bay near our anchorage. It is very shallow and then drops off to about 20 feet. Along that dropoff is a nice mix of little fish and bigger fish. After a bit the wind picked up so we went up wind and then I just got in the water and let the dinghy take me for a snorking ride as I held onto the bow line. Fun way to snork!

Picture shows Enee up on the tiny beach were we tried to snork from . Too shallow as I tried "swimming" out in about 4 inches of water!

The water pump continues to puzzle me. This is the new one from just a few months ago but again it has started to cycle on and off every couple of seconds drawing 1 - 2 amps briefly. Leave that on all night and see what you got in the morning! The plumbing in this boat is crazy. The tanks are deep set in to the keel of the boat. Pipes lead up from them to a y valve under the galley sink. Then a pipe goes from there down under the deck and pops up on the starboard side of the engine room, goes up over the ceiling of the engine room and then partway down the starboard side to the pump. So the pump has to suck water all that way from the tanks and then pressurize the three water lines to galley, and two heads. I decided that the pump should be under the galley sink, down low and close to the tanks themselves.

Of course any boat job requires disasembly of the entire boat and the extraction of every tool I own. Oh, yeah and sticking my head in impossible places! But, so far it seems like this may have fixed it! Ammeter stays on zero and pump is not as loud telling me (perhaps) that it's not working so hard now. I have to say trying to find the right connectors to make it all go together I felt like Curly in the bathtub hooking pipe after pipe together trying to stop the leak! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. . .

Wednesday night we went to the 'Burger Night' at Clarkes Court Bay Marina where I also managed to sell a few copies of my book. Enough to pay our bar tab so that's a good thing!

Mismo has quit jumping in the dinghy and seems afraid of it. We think maybe playing in and out of the dinghy is how she fell in a few weeks ago. But the other day she went in because she must have smelled that which she is eating! Argggg....a squid! A bird must have dropped it in there or we have jumping squid down here. MISMO....DROP THAT SQUID! YUK!

Rainwater is the BEST!

Uh Oh. . . weather coming. Better head back to the mother ship. Snorking is done for today.

This is what the anchor chain looks like after being anchored in Clarkes' Court Bay for about 10 days. I have to haul about a meter at a time (by hand remember) and then scrub and rinse that hunk. Takes about a half hour to raise anchor and get underway. Oh well. . . . what's the hurry?

The Cubs may clinch today and we are going to find a place to watch the game on FOX. Go CUBS!

Keeping my head in the game!


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