Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Safe and Sound (so far) in Grenada

Wow, is the Atlantic Ocean stirred up. Three named storms are tracking across the Atlantic. All are scheduled to head north and skip the Caribbean islands all together. The same can not be said for the Bahamas.

I mentioned to Sue that I'd guess that Ivan of 04 which hit Grenada pretty hard must have been an early season storm to track so far south.

This is Ivan's track showing it cutting right through Grenada there just north of South America on . . . Well, what do you know. . . Happy anniversary Ivan! Yeah it was around Sept 3-4 that Ivan did it's thing here. I don't think there was anywhere to run to from this monster. If we get something like this our way I guess it's just time to put out the fire, call in the dogs and get on back to Bow Legs!

No other big news. Sue and I are working on various means of employment and hope something will happen this week. Island Water World, the chadlery downtown is having a book and dvd swap today so that's a big event as most cruisers devour books at a high rate. Other BIG BIG news is that the VEGETABLE TRUCK IS COMING TO TOWN! Woo woo. We've been to three stores over the past two days and are yet to find a potatoe or a carrot. Maybe they're all on the truck.

It's happy hour and burger night at a marina near here tonight and if we can put a group together to split a cab we may go check it out.

It's a little rolly in the anchorage now but the swell bridle I've rigged seems to be keeping our nose into the waves so we're pretty comfortable. Of course now the wind is coming a-beam so not exactly screaming down the hatches for sleeping. BUT, we still have that wonderful four-sided wind scoop that we used in Ft. Myers Beach that takes the wind from any direction and guides it below. Sleeping has been great and in fact a little cool! Imagine. This is a great wind scoop for those living in marinas where your boat may not be pointing into the wind.

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Anonymous said...

Cubs are in trouble! Lost 5 in a row, Zambrano needs an MRI on his arm, and Rich Harden has arm problems, too! Yikes!

I'll be "anonymous" for a while, but will always sign as Rich P. Can't figure out why they keep turning down every password I try to use, and I'm tired of coming up with new ones!

Rich P