Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Angle of the Sun

I've been having a wonderful time just walking around my favorite city - Chicago! The weather has been perfect for doing so. Nice crisp fall days around 50 degrees. Good jacket weather. I had not brought a hat with me though and I notice I am often holding my hand in front of my eyes. Jesus, the sun is bright. I know I often wear a hat but not always and this seems extreme. Am I that sensitive to the sun all of sudden? Then it hit me. NO, dumb bell, you just moved 30 degrees north putting the sun 30 degrees lower in the sky! Now as I look around I realize that the very look of things is slightly different. Shadows are longer. Light is more subdued. In Grenada the sun is almost always high in the sky and nearly straight overhead mid day.

One of those things that you KNOW because teacher told you (or this teacher remembers telling) but never realized how it changed the look of things.

Neat. Here's a clever little applet that shows what I'm talking about. If you want to see exactly what I'm talking about, put 12 degrees in the left box and about 42 in the right hand box to compare Grenada to Chicago. Note that sometimes when I go to this site I just see a white square. Click in the square and the applet will appear. Enjoy!

Another treat during my walk yesterday was the parade of sailboats heading up the Chicago river for their winter quarters. While I do miss sailing in fresh water sometimes I never miss winterizing my boat for the long Chicago winters.

These bridge days are scheduled and you have to hit one of them to move your boat. No, Chicago won't open a bridge, unscheduled for a single sailboat.

I've never made this trip myself but I'm guessing you must go through a dozen or more bridges on this trip. Looks like fun!

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