Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who's Out There?

Hi to all who stumble upon this blog. I know there's not too much right now about sailing but still we are living aboard and enjoying being in Grenada. I also notice that we receive about 300+ hits a week on this site. . . and yet, about zero comments. I'm curious who is stopping by and not saying hello?

So we'll do an experiment. For the next several days if you come here PLEASE leave a comment. There is no link back to you if you are worried about getting e-mail or spam. Just click on the work comments at the bottom of this post. Write something like you're name and where you live. You'll submit it as annonymous which just means you are not a fellow blogger. Then you'll have to type some word in a box to prevent us getting spammed. Easy. Let's all do this just for fun, OK?


Kit Walker said...

No Comment!

Aaron Moreau-Cook said...


My wife and I are planning a circumnavigating and so I've had you in my Google Reader for a while now, seeing how you're doing it.

I've included a link to our blog.

Boatless in San Francisco,


Anonymous said...

Hi Guy's

I've been following since the beginning, I think I knew about you from the C30 list on sailnet. I'm a C30 owner in Newport Beach, Ca.

Keep the blog up it's great! I also used the link to the Bellagio blog, which is very well done.



Anonymous said...

Just waiting for a sailing adventure. I do enough work on my own boat. I want the fun stuff

brian said...

Scott - Iv'e been reading it all along. I've been dying to give you shit about the Cubs but you seemed so serious about them. So hell, I'll just let it rip. Let me give you some advice for next year because they'll probaby win their division in 09. Follow them like you watch footabll in September. Just tune in for snippets. Don't get over excited. If something good happens, great. Otherwise . . .so what? This is coming from someone who was raised on the Cubs. Its not worth getting worked up over. They WILL break your heart.

Anonymous said...

Ann Arbor, MI

I've actually left a few, but I only recently caught up with real-time.

Fair Winds,

Jen said...

New to sailing, hoping to have similar adventures someday! Reading your blog is part inspiration and part planning for us.

LeahC said...


This is your daughter. She lives in Chicago, IL and has been following from the beginning.

Winter in Chicago is coming and I'm going to be wishing I was in paradise with you guys!

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now. I would love to do what you are doing unfortunately my wife dose not hold my same loves so I am still sitting here on the shores of Lake Michigan. I live in Dundee, Il and share your Cubs frustations.

Keep up the writing I do enjoy my crusing adventure through you.

Geo. Dewey

Anonymous said...

Terry in Michigan. I had a C30 when you left Chicago and now I have a C387. Completely envious of your journey and I hope to experience it some day in the future.

Sally said...

Hi, it's Sally in Ohio! I've been reading since meeting you the first month of your journey. I enjoy reading about your adventures with my morning coffee. One of these days I'll catch up with you and get my book autographed!

Anonymous said...

Long time reader... yours was the first sail blog I started reading. Loved your book and hope to set sail some day!

Jenny said...

I've been following your blog for a couple of years now. I lived in TN and didn't know how to sail when I began reading it, and now I live in FL and sail most weekends. You've been a wonderful source of inspiration along the way. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm Jason and live in Atlanta. Your blog is a little source of adventure as I sit in my office. I like the non-technical sailing content, and I'm liking the new job content.

Have Fun,

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog after I Googled "Lake Huron Sailing". I've enjoyed reading about your trip. I probably won't be making the same trip, but reading about your exploits have me thinking. I am a fresh water sailor (lakes St. Clair and Huron) with a 31' Catalina.

Enjoy Granada! If you had not gone to the larger boat, do you think that you would or could still be at it?


Jerry said...

I have followed your blog for a couple of years and look forward to reading each update.

I sail a Catalina 30 on Lake Superior and have your book. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in sailboats.

Jason said...

Hey Scott & Sue! My name is Jason, I've been following you guys for about a year now. I love hearing about people who are out there and doing it. My girlfriend, Christy and I are taking off cruising next spring.

s/v Hello World

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott, I've been following your blog since you guys started out. Love it. You'd probably be amazed how many of us landlocked slobs are living vicariously thru you! Keep it up...and get the hell outta the shipyard and back to the cruise!!


Anonymous said...

Scott & Sue,
Please keep writing. I've just put my C30 away for the winter. (Pt Clinton, Ohio/ Lk Erie) I check you blog almost daily. It gets cold here in Ohio and you blog helps us get thru the winter.
Ken V
ps. stoped by your old boat when you were at Put-In-Bay. sorry we missed you

Anonymous said...

I too have been following ever since I found out about your site from Mismo's first temp mom. Alexandra. i think many of us read and don't write because as I have experieced in other blogs, sometimes not one is answered so mabye that is why many shy away. Anyhow we love yours and Sue's adventure. It is just great following what you are doing. TAke care and keep on posting. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

gaithersburg md truckdriver been driving 41years tried of blacktop want to go blue have fun coolwhip

Kit Walker said...

Well you asked who was reading your blog. You don’t really have that many readers, just the one looking over and over and over.
Right now I am merely practicing, as the weather here has actually been perfectly lovely for weeks on end. But I am sure that will soon change, and since there’s not a lot to do during a New England winter, I am going to rely on your blog to get me though the cold spell by clicking on your site repeatedly.

What can I say, I’m in love with your cat. In the tropics.

Don’t panic, I’m kidding. I’m sure you have lots of other stalkers as well…

Keep up the great blogging for those of us stupid enough to sell our boats and then decide to remain in a place where white stuff could possibly fall out of the sky.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Hopefully my wife and I will be able to get away on a boat some day in the future (either sale or power) Until then we will enjoy your adventures (and others) through blogs. Keep up the updates and enjoy the nice warm Caribbean weather while we are in cold New England.

Anonymous said...

Scott & Sue,

Have been reading since you left Burnham Harbor. We still have our C30 and just Sunday sailed to Hammond to have her put up for the winter. Bet you love not having to do that!! Keep the blog comming, it's always fun to see what you guys are up to.

Bill & Mickie Thompson
Burnham Harbor

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog since day one. Catalina30 #65 in Lake Arthur, LA. Living vicariously through ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Kim & Theresa
fremont, oh

From the beginning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott and Sue,

Allen here. We have chatted in the past about cruising the BVI. I stop in once in awhile to get my fix of my dream that the two of you are currently living.

We live in Schaumburg and I ran the Chicago Marathon this year. Another hot one, not as hot as last year, but kudos to Bank of America for keeping everyone hydrated and safe.

Our next step is to get a sailboat on the Great Lake Michigan in preparation for the day we sell everything and take off for our extended adventure. I figure we still have about 10 years to go.

Take care and enjoy Grenada.

Anonymous said...

I first caught you at sailnet when I was considering a C30. I've since purchase a Watkins in New Bern NC and brought it (via water) to Michigan City in 07 alternating my two daughters and occasionally with my wife as well (with trips home to take care of things needing to be cared for.) It was a great summer... we're now thinking about doing the same thing in reverse (our daughters are now 16 and 14!!!) In another 6 to 10 years we'll (wife and I) follow you.

Fair winds,

Anonymous said...

My husband and I got the sailing bug early this year. We bought a C25 that we've been re-rigging and will trailer to the Texas coast in two weeks (we were going to take it to Houston Labor Day weekend!!!). Found your blog this summer and have spent many hours catching up on your posts. The C25 is our "training wheels" boat for bay and coastal cruising until we get ready to retire early in 3-5 years. Your blog has helped me discover the realities of cruising in the Caribbean. Thanks for this bird's eye view!