Friday, October 03, 2008

Fish Boil Birthdays

How about a 'fish boil' to celebrate the October family birthdays? This morning we woke up to thousands of little, tiny, bitty fish swimming around our boat followed by needle nosed snake like fish and 2 other kinds of fish (one maybe an angel fish) who would chase and eat the little bitty fish. The result = a fish boil. The waters would bubble up like crazy as the little guys tried to get away and the bigger guys got their tummies full.

Bubble - Bubble - the Small Fry are in Trouble!

These are the needle-nose snake like fish. The one on the far left has a small fry fish in it's mouth.

There are some pretty good sized fish down there.
If you look real close you can see the small fry.

And of course Mismo is going bug-eyed over all this commotion. When the little gulls started diving for fish she just about peed a drop or two.

The October Birthday Celebrations Go To:

Josh H. on the 7th

Jeff B. on the 25th

Donna T. on the 19th and

Ken T. on the.....26th?


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