Thursday, October 16, 2008


Just a note to all our friends in the Spanish, US and British Virgin Islands and St. Maartin. Hope you are all safe and your boats survived Omar.

We hear that when Lenny went through on a similar track all the islands in the Caribbean chain suffered from huge western swells that destroyed some beaches. We are tucked into a bay that is open to the south and we are near that bay's western shore so I'm hoping that not too severe swell sneaks in here to Prikley Bay, Grenada.

Anyway, we're leaving tomorrow for Chicago! Our friends Wendy and Jim on Merengue are keeping an eye on Enee while we're away for a couple of weeks. We promised to bring them lots of Cub World Series parafinalia which I'm thinking ought to be pretty cheap. And, ok, go Phillies. Their organization is almost as miserable as ours.

We VOTED yesterday! Yes. We faxed in our absentee ballot and that means that right now Senator Obama has a 2-0 lead in Florida! How's that for early returns?

Next report from the windy city or from an airport.

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Anonymous said...

We voted early, too! And of course, for Obama. My plan is to spend election day and the day before in a border state--either WI or IN--where it's a close race.
Have a safe trip to Chi-town!

Rich P