Thursday, October 09, 2008


What's with cats? Now that Mismo is nearing one year old she is falling into some routines. IN the morning when I get up is time for me to chase her around the boat. Now I don't, OK? What I do is have a cup of coffee and walk around on deck while Mismo runs around, jumps on the bimini, up on the sail bag like her butt is on fire. (As usual, click on the pics for extra cute-overload)

In the late aftenoon is her time to be on lookout on the anchor roller. Looks comfy doesn't it? From behind it looks like she is pooping about a meter of rusty anchor chain. Nice.

Our friend Wendy swam over today for a visit and then towed Sue around in our dingy for the pics. Wendy is working on her synchornized swimming moves!

Work is going well. All the veeneer is up in the boat and ready for varnish. Looks great. Ronel and Johnny did most of the detail work. I've finished re-doing two engine room doors and am working on two table bases. Getting to be a pretty good veneer guy now that this part is about done!

Next Friday we head to Chicago for a visit. Supposed to be to watch the Cubs in the World Series. Looks like I missed it by a century! Mismo is going to stay with a vet student from St. Georges University here. Hope she doesn't try an experiments on her! I mean the student on Mismo not the other way around.

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