Friday, February 06, 2009

Moving Anchor....

I'm into my second day with no crew as Sue is off cheffing on a charter. Mismo's here and while she's rotten company, at least it's better than no company at all. I was up at 4. Internet is fast then and I get reading and writing done. Then at 7 I here the thrum of larger engines. Oh no. . . my worst fear. The Coast Guard is out moving boats again out of their "channel". The quote marks are because there is no marked channel. They just like to come out every couple of weeks and move a dozen or so boats out of their pretend channel. Why they don't lay a few buoys is beyond me. I guess there's no fun in that.

So here I am with no windlass and no crew. Coast Guard guy tells me 'Big boat coming in. You have to move NOW!' Seems like he means it this time and he didn't even swear at me so I go for it. Luckily there is very little wind for a change. I can haul the chain by hand without driving the boat forward. I do have the engine running however. When I get right above the anchor I go back to the helm and drive forward a ways to pop the anchor loose. Now I'm hauling a little faster so as to not drift into anyone but it's no problem with the light breeze. I manage to stay on this western shore but re-set the anchor and drift back nearer said shore and hopefully out of the 'channel'. The wind is so light it is hard for me to tell if the anchor set well. I'm trying to slip back between a couple of boats that didn't have to move. I get enough chain out and set the snubber. Drive backwards at about 1200-1500 rpm to set the anchor. Looks good!

After a little breakfast and some straightening up I return topsides to find myself nearly on top of one of the boats I had been between. Damn! He has two anchors down so doesn't swing like the rest of us do. I should have allowed for that and gone nearer the other boat.


I don't like how close I am so now that the wind is up I'll probably get Kerry on Bellagio to help me move to the other side of the harbor or somewhere. I may also lose the wifi signal if I have to mover too far from the anntenna. So this could be goodbye for awhile!

OK, I hailed Kerry and he came over and we move Enee. Much better. Now I'm too close to his boat rather than a boat I don't know so well! That's progress! We're fine with it and it is such a bitch to haul this nasty chain that I'm not for moving again. A fine day ensues. Great weather. I read and relaxed. In the evening I went to Bellagio (Kerry and Kathy's boat) for burritos ala' Canadian...that means moose meat I guess. Good fun with them and their visiting friends from Saskatoon. Saskatoon. To me that should be a musical instrument! Yes, I play the saskatoon.



Anonymous said...

So - will you be there when we arrive????

Anonymous said...

That was Chairman Meow