Tuesday, February 03, 2009

musings from the unemployed

I'm still waiting for my 'work papers' here in Grenada and in the meantime, well, I guess I'm laid off. So, random thoughts etc..

Zimbabwe removes 12 zeros from currency

Brilliant! Just remove the zeros. It could work! Maybe this is the way out of our financial mess. Just get rid of the zeros! OR. . .

Since the government owns the money printing presses how about printing, say, about a trillion dollars, put it in a big bag (Oh, I just heard Tupelo Honey in my head) and GIVE IT to whomever we owe! There.

U.S. becomes top wind producer
this is too easy. . .

Hamas leader praises Iran's help in Gaza 'victory'

Death toll to date: 900+ Palestinians (400 women and children)
14 Israelies

wow, If this is victory I wonder what losing looks like?

Two men found in cooler want to stay in Australia

(CNN) -- Two men found floating in a giant cooler off the Australian coast say they want to stay in Australia and don't want to go home, immigration officials said Friday.

Let's see, how the hell do two guys end up floating around in a giant cooler? Maybe they both went after the last beer shoving the entire cooler into the sea. Yeah, I can see that happening.

Contest Time:
Write a clever caption for this picture and win a free ride on my sailboat (you'll have to come to Grenada to collect). Put your entry in the comments section. Good Luck!


The Jennison family said...

That is really cool Ms. Smith but where are the topless women you see in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

Anonymous said...

"With a larger hand, she could dunk the Earth. When I grow up, I want to be just like her." From The Collective Musings of Young George W. Bush

Chairman Meow

LeahC said...

Look guys....I think I see my house!

Brian said...

Scott Welty returns to Maine East to teach freshman geography. All but threw students drop the class immediately.

By the way, that girl does have big hands.

Sally said...

Where in the world did we last see Cap'n Snappy and Sailor Sue?

Kit Walker said...

See? I told you it wasn't flat

Anonymous said...

So Jenny, your predicting we will stop communist aggression in Viet Nam, trickle down economics will create a golden age, and the Cubs will be the winniest team in MLB history. Wow! Any idea when they will invent jeans and t-shirts?

Anonymous said...

"The North Pole - Laura, it'll never melt!"

From The Collective Musings of Young George W. Bush

Chairman Meow

Anonymous said...

"Come on Susie- it's just a globe. Let's go back to playing "Interogation" - where you get on old Mr. Waterboard and I'll ask you questions that you can't answer! George, you get to watch!"

From The Collective Musings of Young Dick Cheney

Anonymous said...

I want to invade Iraq - no good reason - you invent one - you have the bloddy globe!

From The Collective Musings of Young George W. Bush

Chairman Meow

Anonymous said...