Monday, February 09, 2009


As regular readers know we are in Grenada. I was hoping to work here and in fact did for several weeks thinking that my work permit was on the way. That has not come through yet and so we thought it better if I stay away awhile while it either gets sorted out or not. Since Wednesday Sue has been working on a charter as cook. The boats I knew in this harbor have sailed away. Everyone knows I'm no good at just living on a boat and not sailing her. Work made it all do-able. So, I while away the time reading, writing, working on this and that. Sometimes a story catches my interest and I write a bit of silliness as I did yesterday about "close-knit" communities.

Now I love getting comments. Especially now. But what does the comment, 'What??????" mean? Which part? The satire? The part about the Chicago Tribune now being a tiny advertising rag? The story itself is true and from the Trib. Me not believing that every community with bad news is "close-knit" (and should that be closely-knit?)? Well, I'd love to comment back but I don't know where to go with "What??????" So, Anonymous, feel free to elaborate or just wait for the next bit of silliness. Shouldn't take too long.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't me.


Chairman Meow

Anonymous said...

It wasn'nt me either. I'm in India!

Rich P

Anonymous said...


Florentina said...

I knew exactly what you were talking about. It's been in the news for 3 days in Chgo. This is a city that kills thousands of it's own each year (which is another sad commentary), but I'm not sure why this close-knit thing has been such a hit.