Monday, February 16, 2009


Well, I'm still waiting for word on my work permit. Today I'm going to set a time limit of April 1 to know one way or the other. In the meantime we're going to start making plans to (perhaps) sail west along the islands north of Venezuela. Venezuela itself is to be avoided because they hate us but you can skip along the islands of Los Testigos, Blanquila, Orchita, Roques, and then on to Bonaire. These island are about a hundred miles off the coast of Venezuela. You can stop at them without checking in (true for Los Testigos. . . I need to check on the others) as long as you don't over stay your welcome. Three days in the case of Los Testigos. I know Los Testigos has no airport and no cruise ships go there. Perfect!

This is all a nearly due west sail so should be a nice down wind ride. THAT'S appealing!

Bonaire will be decision time again. We can either soldier on and maybe make Cartagena in Columbia for our September haul out or make a long run north back to Puerto Rico straight across the Caribbean sea - probably about a 3 day passage.

Anyway we've already bought the chart that we need:
This should work!